So, I just saw the adds for this, and I think this looks like an awesome movie. Lots of promising names, Time Burton, Shane Acker, and the guy who directed Wanted. This movie looks pretty tight, and I’m so happy some serious movies are being made with CG. Pixar is nice and all, but still…

And did anyone see Battle for Terra?

Hulu sucks. Can only be streamed in United States?

Anyways. Wanted was a terrible movie. Just unessesary violence and they sounded like 12 year olds swearing. Profane every 2 seconds my god.

I looked the trailer up on youtube. Man, that actually looks good.
Great story I’ll probably see it.

oops, sorry about hulu. Just look up 9 on youtube everyone.

And Wanted was bad? everyone I know who saw it said it was good, but then again, I’m in the US.

I am looking forward to 9. The trailer looks really good to me and like you said, good names behind it.

i saw the adds for 9 months ago, i cant wait for it to come out
looks really good, i thought Wanted was a pretty bad movie, the action was nice tho
heres the trailer on youtube for Nine

and the Original film by Shane Acker (about 10min)

♫Smell the color 9♪
(cause 9’s not a color, and even if it were, you can’t smell a color…)

Dammit minifig, lay off the crack for once. :slight_smile:

It’s a Chris Rice song.

I saw a piece of this movie or something a looong time ago, it ends with 9 freeing all their souls or something. I had no idea what it was. I recognised this immediately though, years later after seeing the preview.

Anybody know about planet 51?
It was on http://www.pepeland.com/ which has some blender stuff on it…
Was it made with blender?
(I also saw that they recently came out with a planet 51 game?)

Some of the texture call-out sheets for 9 have been posted over at http://brassgoggles.co.uk/blog/200906/9-a-sneak-peek

No, that was not this exact movie :slight_smile: It’s the short film that this movie is based on (by the same person). People like Tim Burton saw the short, loved it and made it possible to make a full feature film.

Damn… The idea of having Tim Burton watching your own short and calling you to make a film of it… I would scream like a little girl and run around in circles on the streets for a whole day. Wow :eek:

I saw the thread title and could have sworn it said awesome. I’m listening to welcome home by coheed and cambria and can almost picture that awesome trailer they released for nine with that as the theme song. Epic. That is the only word to describe it ;)>

theres also this if anyones interest, i havent read anything yet
but i think it supposed to be a diary thing for “The Scientist” (creator of the dolls)