Topix Cloth 2 finally available again

While I’ve been mostly busy with other stuff these last few weeks, I hadn’t forgotten about this, :). Tatsuya and I were busy getting this release prepared in our spare time and its finally available now. Tatsuya had a few more comments in the news item on, but you can get it from his web page now.

We want desperately to include a compiled version for OSX. If you are able to get this compiled and working under OSX, please send me a PM or reply to this post and we’ll make arrangements to get it to Tatsuya to include in the distribution. At this time, linux, windows and IRIS compiled modules are available.

I hope it works well for everyone and give me any feedback as I am working on a replacement for this that will be released without the confusing licensing issues surrounding the topix source code. See my other posts in Python & Plugins for more info.

This is wonderful news Zaz! Thanks so much.

All that can be said is: wow.

I would like to say just how helpful this will be in an upcoming project, so thanks a bunch.

Just to clarify so there’s no misunderstanding, this is the topix based simulator I was working on in January. My new stuff is still quite a ways from being released and my time to work on it is pretty sparse right now.

Enjoy, :).


plz kets us know when there is an os x version!


This is fantastic, thank you for working so hard on this.
Cant wait for the next generation of cloth covered, glass monkey heads in full gi inside a cornell box.


Working on it now! :smiley: But you could help alot if you start posting to all sorts of forums in the developer section to help try and build it or find out what is needed to fix it.
Just say that it can be compiled with out blender.

count on it