Topographic data - manhattan

Does anyone know of any sources for topographic data available for NYC? I need to create an approximate mesh of the slopes for a presentation.


just search for ‘usgs new york’ (usgs = united states geological survey), you should find something.

ps. this post belongs in either the wip section or the modelling q&a section, not here… but maybe you know this allready? accident? after 240 posts you should know where to post stuff…

I use this site
For free .dem(digital elevation model) data. You will need to register its free, you will get some junk mail from that site only. I use a program called 3dem to view and export the data to Terragen from there I go to blender with an .obj. I don’t know of a better free way to get topographic data into blender. If you need help ask some more questions I will try to explain the steps if you get stuck.