Topology Advice....

i did a lot of headmodels in the past, however i never took much thougt in the topology and messed them up allmost everytime.
Now i try to get more serious about it.

What about the Poles next to the Eye, and those on the Cheek? Should they be mooved?

Anything to enhance the topology?

It’s impossible to avoid all poles. The trick is to stick them in the right places.

For example, that pole in front of the ear is fine, as is the pole above the ear. There won’t be much movement in those places and they shouldn’t pucker too much.

The poles under the eye and on the bridge of the nose, however, will likely cause you problems if you plan to: squint, wrinkle the nose, smile, etc.

I would add an edge loop or two around the eye.

I recommend you check out these two tutorials:
TorQ’s A Better Face Tutorial
Poles and Loops (image heavy)

Hope this helps.

you will get better flow like that


This isn’t a bad model by any means. If you fix a few spots (mainly moving the poles), you can have a really good, relatively low-poly face. Remember, poles are NOT bad. They are simply tools to guide the direction of your edgeloops. I’ve never seen a face model with no edgeloops that really had the structure of human face. Duoas is right, if you really want to understand poles and edgeloops use the poles and loops post above.

Here are a few things though that I noticed:

You have a lot of 5-poles (circled in red). I’ve marked how they cause the edgeloops to flow. Notice in the image below, how the red pole merges three loops, (the one around the eye, the one that circles the mouth and nose, and the vertical ones that flesh out the cheeks).

Don’t despair, there is a way to move poles in an existing mesh. Take a look at the first page of the “Poles and Loops” sticky where toontje shows how to execute this.

If you have questions about what I posted, you can PM me. I’m not the best modeler around, but I have been studying in depth about poles and loops and it has really opened up my eyes about their importance.

Best of luck!

I allready went throu the Polesn Loops tutorial. Actually this tutorial is the reason why i started to think about my topology in the first place.However i still have some problems to controll loops correctly.Sometimes when i move a pole i create a pole with six ends by accident. But my main problems are not the how to´s, its more the whys or whats best in what case`s.
So basicly you should have loops around every hole and connect thouse loops with polse, right?

P.S.: Just tried out Torqs tutorial.After i shaped the cheeks and the brow area i went a little nuts about it and formed the neck in a muscular stile. It was realy big fun, so i kept going.Took about three and a half hour.


So basicly you should have loops around every hole and connect those loops with poles, right?

Yes, this is the idea. You should have an edge ring around the eye holes, mouth, nostrils, etc. Then you will join those areas by using ordinary quad mesh. Your mesh is an awesome example. I think you should evaluate whether each pole is needed or not. Does it direct the mesh flow in a good way? If not, delete it using Toontje’s method. If it needs to be there, but isn’t in the right place, move it following Toontje’s instructions. Don’t get discouraged. You’re doing a great job!

PS Great job on the neck!

Modeling sure is fun isn’t it. It looks like as if I abandoned the poles and loops thread, but the thing is that: 1) I have to revised my last entry, but it is so damn hard. I wanted to explain something but I can’t. I can show how to build a nose, but I struggling to find the explanation of “why”. But I think I figured it out and I will get in into new concepts like isolation and blocking out the form. 2) My PC keeps crashing on me. 8 year old rustbucket! I’m working on a live CD now. The motherboard has problems activating the hard disk. Yesterday I disassembled the whole thing and it was full of dust and dust bunnies. After cleaning it up, my CPU temperature readout is 10 degrees cooler than before. I will install a fresh OS again (keeps hanging when I play Mame or watching youtube). When everything is done, I will work on the thread again. By the way, what amazes me most is the low level of quality of the meshes of great modelers like Stephen Stahlberg. I just browsed through " 3D Vixens" and all those guys use meshes with very straightforward and simple topology. They work looks astounding because of nailing the form right, good texturing and lighting and good poses.

I tried to fix the head a few times but allways ended up with at least three 5poles on the cheek. Maybe its easier to start over.(On the other Hand… it would be a great learning experience to manage it one day.)

@Gobley: I guess it will come only obvious if i animate it.Othervise i can`t tell if a pole is needed or not…

@Toontje: Would be awesome to see you pick up your thread again.
Sometimes its hard to bring your point across. Happens to me allot.
I love the work of Steven Stahlberg, never could see a wireframe of it though.