Topology and anatomy check

HI, im new here but i’ve been working with blender for at least 5 years, specially into character creation, i put a lot of effort into the anatomy of my characters but allways trying to get a clean topology for the rigging and texturing, uv mapping, blah blah blah, i’ve decided to challenge myself doing a full retopology of a sculpted model, i ususally dont work with this level of detail but there’s allways a begining for everything. :upside_down_face:

At first it was hard but manageable, but right now im drowning in doubts about how im gonna do x part or y. :dizzy_face:

here is some image examples of how the model is going^^:

(there’s suppose to be a tail in the empty circle of the waist)

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As far as I can tell the topology is fantastic