Topology and Poly Count

I feel like the topo on this mesh isn’t as good as it could be, and I don’t feel comfortable moving on to finish the rest of the model without knowing that it is as good as I can make it. I’ve been looking around on the internet and as far as I can tell everything is almost like it should be, I think.

Here is the .blend:Virgo_Vintage.blend (308 KB)

I’m not posting any pics because I would really like the model to be examined as a whole. I know that the model is not that complicated but I just want to make sure everything is right before I move on to avoid abandoning another project. Any tips for improving the topo and reducing the poly count would be greatly appreciated.

I think the problem is that you have several edges very close to each other, that can sometime lead into some shading artifacts when rendering.

Trying to keep the quads, as a test i would have done the topology like this (in the attached blend)
After that, playing with sharp edges and crease edges (as i don’t see how are the edge of the reference image, i don’t know how hard the edges are, so i set the crease to 1) , with subsurf and edge split you should obtain some nice result.

I left your version on the 1st layer, while i put mine in the layer under it, so you can compare more easily if you think it’s good enough.

edit : oh, noticed you didn’t used crease and sharp marked edges, so i assume all those edges are there to avoid the use of creasing and and edge split modifier.
In such case my model may not be usefull.


testingtopovv.blend (84.4 KB)

I didn’t use crease or sharp marked edges because I’m not really familiar with them. I have only looked them up this morning and haven’t read anything about edge creases. I had looked up sharps earlier today but that didn’t really help and I hadn’t come across creased edges until I read your post. This seems like it will help immensely when it comes to poly count, however having good topo would help too. Your model was far superior to mine in every way but especially when it came to poly count. Time to go redo my models topo, without copying yours of course because what would I learn from doing that. I will post my result later tonight.

Thanks for the help.

I can’t confirm it’s the best possible topology, i just tried to avoid getting edges too close to each other.
To crease a selected edge, once such edges (or bunch of edges) are selected, press N to make the right panel appear, and you should be able to set a crease value (by default it’s 0 meaning there’s no crease applied)
It’s usefull in combination to a Subsurf modifier .

And trying to space the vertices seems to help in getting the edge evenly spaced
To do so, i used a very lot the “Space” function of the LoopTools , i’m sure this could be usefull for you too, (if you have not enabled the Loop Tools addon, be sure to do so in File -> User Preferences -> Addons then in the Mesh category)

Just in case it can be helpfull, i made a version without adding crease and sharp edge + edge split , and so using additional edges around the angles supposed to be sharp, i think it is not too bad if you need this model in an environment that does not support marked sharp edges or crease value.


testingtopovv2.blend (92.2 KB)

Not much has been done due to me being busy with other things, but here is my progress thus far.

I’m hoping to finish the model tomorrow, so I can then move on to texturing.

Don’t know how much you can tell me with this picture but if there is anything I can improve on please let me know.