Topology: back of car...rims to tail light

Hey all, I was just wondering if my topology was right, because it kinda looks funny and I don’t want the topology to get in the way of later subsurf of editing

it looks like you have some duplicate faces, or are you using a solidify modifier? also, it looks like there are a couple of ngons, which don’t subsurface well.

i don’t see the ngons modron is mentioning, but it looks like he’s right about the duplicate faces.

@small troll: they are just to the right of the selection.

Yeah srry I don’t see any ngon that you’re talking about. Here’s another picture on a different angle to clear things up a bit

And I tried to get rid of the duplicate faces, but I couldn’t…how would you do this?
What doesn’t work:
recalculate normals
flip normal direction
remove doubles
no solidify mod (never had one to begin with)

they are right here:

They aren’t ngons, they’re quads in this picture

I circled all the verts and could only find 6

how do you solve duplicate faces problem though?