topology books or dvd

I was wondering. i want to improve my organic topology and I am wondering if there is any books or dvds talking about how moving a vertex a certain way can dent the mesh and how local or normal axis along with slide tool can fix this. i would like to better understand this.

also, how do you get even quads r well nice looking quads? do you use the increment or manually/numerically enter a extrude number to get even quads?

I don’t think you need a book, just try to keep them uniform and evenly spaced when possible, follow natural contours with your edge loops, and avoid non-planar ( bent ) quads.

Draw some on paper (or any medium) from references. Have found it’s easier to memorize. As a reward you get nice handmade posters :wink:
Technique - Cross contour…

i was wondering if people use the numeric input to extrude to get there even quads well in edge modeling. since I like that method.
I realize I don’t use that or use the snap button. so i think that and also understanding more about orientation of the transform manipulator will improve my topology. since i guess on other 3d software, people use the normal axis to move a vertice over or up on hard surface modeling.

oh here is a picture i found on google of what i mean . I like how the quads are evenly spaced.


I plan to start learning the draw pencil and b surface. so i can plan out my topology.

I am confuss on how the manual explains this. it says at any zoom level, holding ctrl and shift will change on the amount of zoom, but then there is one part that says it wont change.

I noticed that in every tutorial, nobody has to zoom in on there reference. so i think I am having different movements in my vertice which, i think could be causing dents as well?

2 pics below from same manual. so I am not sure if I am suppose to be changing the lens. but then which one? the N panel or the focal length in the camera settings?