Topology critique... please

There is a fairly long story behind why I’m doing this but in short I have realized my topo skills are pretty crap so some 12 hours later this is what I have to show. presently I am interested in finding out what exactly is wrong before I move on ahead.![file:///home/dothedog/Desktop/blender%202.57/Girl/front.png](file:///home/dothedog/Desktop/blender%202.57/Girl/front.png)

I think your shape is great. Your topo could us a little work, but it really depends on what you’ll be using it for. The whole idea in form modeling is to have your edge loops follow muscle forms. In other words, find muscle anatomy diagrams and follow them as best you can. The way I like to model is to first create the muscle edge loops, and fill in around them.

As an example, here’s some modeling I did a year or two ago. Look at the edge loops on the chest and torso, arms, legs, etc. These are WIP shots. Final renders are here. Here’s some starter muscle diagrams as well.

Good start though!!

Also, your mesh looks a little dense around the buttocks. You probably want to simplify that by combining a few of the verts there.

could we see some close ups? like of where the shoulder meets the neck for example

sorry about that stuff came up here are the close ups, and thanks for the muscle diagrams