Topology/edge flow feedback on a handgun model

Hello fellow BAs! I’m not sure whether this is the right place to post, so bear with me.

I’m working on a game asset, specifically a CZ-75 pistol, that I plan to use in initial testing. I’ve finished blocking out the gun, and before I move on to the details and high poly, I’d like to get your feedback on its topology. I’ve been a loner in this sport, and while I’ve been modeling for a good while, I only recently began using the models as game assets, so I think it’s time to ask for help.

I’m mostly concerned with the topology of the handle and body of the gun, which took me the most time to make (~2 hours). I’m aware of a couple of problem areas, like the corner above the trigger guard (where the handle transitions to the slide receiver) which ends up having an N-gon after a failed attempt to move a pole from the area marked as sharp. While the area is flat and it’s not causing shading problems per se, I’d like some advice on making the geometry flow better.

Any other advice or criticisms are more than welcome!

it seems not too bad althought I would have made some details differently, is the Mark Sharp used by the game engine?