Topology help-how to fix this pinching?

Hey have nice day : )
Please, how i need fix the topology to get rid of this pinching?
Thank you . )

PINCHING.blend (838.8 KB)

Before deleting those faces to make holes, use the Inset tool to make a nice support loop around them. However, even before doing that, you’ll need to increase the resolution of your mesh. 64 sides is just not enough to support this detail without pinching. You’ll need at least 128.

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where is the pinching you’re talking about?

I tried it but i still get pinching :confused:

This is how it should look like:

Thank you man, this is with the 128 vert and inset as you say?

Yes, this is with 128. If you would want to make those corners even sharper, you’ll have to go higher. With subsurf you can’t put high-frequency detail next to low-frequency detail without pinching the curved surface. You can get away with this on flat surfaces sometimes, but not on curves.

you can also do it like that (I’ve used a Shrinkwrap to make it stick to the right shape then applied it):

That’s even worse - you’ve now introduced a 5-pole on a bend, and that’s what it’s going to do:

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Yeah I think its hard to imagine any other way. Cylinder is always tough because of the curvature.

moonboots suggestion is more for hard 90 degree angled surfaces

yes the top seems hard to fix with my method