Topology of sideways eyes?

Hey all,

So, I modeled a character and am about to start to retopologize him, but I am kind of stuck. His eyes are meant to open sideways, rather than vertically. And I can not find anything on how this topology might work, and it is hard for me to conceive of compared to a typical human face where all of the pieces that open line up (mouth and eyes both have horizontal openings), where as my creature calls for a radical direction change in topology.

Here is the creature with some presumed topological edges marked out:

How would I go about the eyes? In pink I have marked ideal ways in which the forehead would deform, according to the eyes and assumed brow movement:

Would I carry the “top” eyelid across the center of the face? Would i move the lines vertically toward the forehead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it doesn’t show as much in the model, but I am going to try to get the eyelids, when open, to bunch up as a bunch of fatty folded skin, as kind of sketched in the image below. And then when the eyes close, this skin unfolds to cover the eye and lay basically flat. Should I model the eyes closed and then try to use shapekeys to make them look folded and bunched when open (even though I would prefer to be able to do it with bones only)? Or should I model the eyes open and create extra geometry at the skin folds that will stretch and flatten out when the eyes close?

Thanks to anyone for any advice at all! Also, here is a blank photo in case anyone wanted to sketch how they think the edges should go…

Hi, i think your inspiration could be based on real life references.
A quick google search gives you this: link

I actually have a bunch of those saved already as references lol, so yep, you’re definitely right on kind of the end result that I’m going for.

But, do you have any suggestions on the actual mesh topology? Because even most of those lizards actually have standard horizontal eyes.

I really am at a loss for how to structure the topology of a face that needs to move from horizontal support loops around the mouth, to double vertical shapes at the eyes. And then how to merge that back into the forehead is just really stumping me :confused:

HI, The topology loops are defined by the shape of the face and actually not much different from the human loops to lizards or other creatures.
the principle is the same first create loops round the eyes then the mouth
and the nose and then start extruding them and join them together.
You will initially make mistakes and have some triangles but that’s how
you will learn. you then can use the dissolve tool to re connect the faces the right way. Here is a link to face topology tutorial one of many on line:link

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