Topology Probelm Question

Hi, I started my first character model and have run into an issue I can’t seem to solve. So I figured perhaps more experienced minds might be able to help guide me to a solution. The problem I am having as you can see is that I can’t quite work how to continue the flow of topology to get the loop cut around the “Eye”. Now I had several of these issues to begin with but I was able to solve them relatively without problem. However, the two “corners” (where the Edge loop diverts) are stumping me and I’m not sure how to continue the flow. Am I just overlooking a simple solution or can you guys see a way to correct this that I can’t?

Select those edges and X -> edge collapse.

Don’t model with the subdivision result showing on the mesh, it doesn’t show the real placement of vertices and you can end up with a mess. Use it when you finalize shapes and all should be well.

Also no cropped/scaled down images when posting. Check the tutorial that is linked in my signature.

Worked like a charm thank you. I’ll be sure to keep your tutorial in mind next time I have a question.