Topology tutorials.

This inqiery is abit weird, or maybe not. I realise there might not be any help to get but i can try.

I am struggeling with topology and geometry. Meaning i find it hard to model parts in a reasonable way (clean topology).
I have googled and watched probably more than 100 tutorials on topology. The isue is that i havent learned anything from them that i didnt know. So it would seem i know alot about topology, but when i start modelling i run into problems pretty quick. So i spend more time trying to figure out things than i spend on the actual modelling.

When it comes to finding good learning isues there are diferent isues, topology tutorials are 95% character or character heads. I am looking for hard surface topology tutorials, and they are not very numerous.
I know about “topology guides” (Johnson Martin). I have learned a few things from it, but one thing is to see how to make clean inset on a cube…another is to see it on a large model (the big picture).

So this is kind of the last attempt to find something that can get me past the block, if not i will probly give up on 3d modelling.
So if someone know about any kind of learning resource i would be happy to learn about them.

If my inqiery is unclear please ask for additional information.

topology can be a nightmare sometimes, once you get past the simple bits it becomes like a puzzle to solve, how to keep your flow neat, especially when you have weird angles and extrusions. i dont think this is something you can learn from tutorials, it is something that you learn from experience. don’t give up keep practicing and you’ll eventually “get it”

You said it, its just that sometimes you need to see what others do to learn.

oh yeah for sure, watching people while your working can be really helpful, i always have youtube on standby on my second monitor when i am working a project, because you never know what issues your about to walk into! However i find my topology is wierder than the guy im watching so sometimes i just have to wing it and hope for the best…!

I’ve also had problems with topology, the hardest thing i have found is trying to model while keeping topology in mind (like thinking ahead).

Easiest way I’ve found is to just model everything separately, join the individual parts afterwards and then quickly run over it with a new object that has the shrink wrap modifier. It’s much easier to get clean topology when you already have the big picture in front of you instead of having to guess what it’s going to look like.

You mean you retopologise the model after modelling seperate parts?

Seems you need to understand process more than topology. Practice over theory. Search for timelapse.

I hate timelapses, its too easy to miss somethings. Only way to counteract is to turn down the speed, but that makes a tutorial with no sound. But its not the process i dont understand anyway.

A timelapse is not a tutorial and you aren’t meant to follow along, its just to see the process of another artist in action. Hence the speedup. watch enough of them, sleep on it and it will stick subconsciously. In time you’ll find yourself doing largely similar things to solve similar problems.

I would asume it could be helpful in some ways, but it doesnt help if you dont have a clue about how what you saw was achieved.

And I’m not advocating you stop watching/reading tutorials/documentation. :wink:

I have watched some speedlapses, and it is a good way to see how other artists arange topology flow. I stopped however to find solutions to achieve things i have seen in them.
I know all the basic stuff like extrude, scale, rotate and so on. The challenge for me is to use it to create more advanced topology , so that i can achieve certain shapes and get a clean topology.

Sounds like your mind is dismissing a lot of information because you think you know it. Watch non-Blender videos. It forces you to look at the workflow.

Arrimus 3D is a good place to see how a professional plans his cuts ahead. It’s the only consistent place I’ve learned how to clean up and plan ahead good topology.

Somewhat, a solid engine block for example has a lot of holes, cutouts and cylinder shapes. I would start by making the largest parts first before joining them and then using boolean to cut out some shapes, produces horrible topology but that’s where retopology comes in.

I have watched some tutorials for other programs, and i have downloaded wings 3d to do some modelling with it. But yes, workflow is part of the picture. But even more is the solutions on how to manipulate a mesh. I mean what you do with it, and how you do it. Thats where my block is. I can look at the topology of well modelled models and it all seems perfectly clear, but when i try on my own i fail alot

Anyway, i subscribed to Arrimus 3D. Gona check it out.

I dont think theres really any full tutorials about topology, it is a sum of a lot of information about different cases, and how to solve them.

The more you practice, the more you find way to workaround the topology for specific cases. ( and specially todays, perfect topology is not any more a requirements, softwares, renders, are more permissive than before on topology, even if i like (try) to have nice topology ).

Dont hesitate to look tutos of Max, Maya or other softwares for this, as said someone else. theres surely more of them.