Topology won't flow !

Whenever i try to create a model with curves, a messed up topology stems from my manual touches. (288 KB)
Drives me crazy.
How do i avoid or fix this problem? Because i cannot fix it manually anymore.
I shade it flat because the geometry has serious issues and smooth shading doesn’t help.
I will not animate this model.

How about showing the topology since you’re asking about it? Best way to do that is to upload a .blend file. Showing the wireframe in solid viewport shading mode is the second best.

Information such as the intended use of the model, used modifiers would help to understand what you’re doing. Do you use a reference when modeling, if so, show that too. Any particular reason you don’t have smooth shading on?

here’s a pretty good car modelling tutorial from blendernation

Maybe this would suffice

mustang_ja12.blend (118 KB)

Now the surface is seamless. But how?
Did you remodel or reshape?
If second, can you explain the way you did it?

I remodeled it a bit. Wasn’t that careful with it so the result is not very good, just put it together to suggest topology for that part.

I started with Google image search and Gimp

Took a photo as a reference to see the form and drew some guides to figure out where to direct the face flows. I didn’t draw as much as shown here, did this to answer.

  • I first put vertices/edges that I absolutely need and some other lines to show the edges
  • Then continued to connect those and see where the poles would go (poles are vertices with 3, 5, or more than 5 edges connected to them) so that they don’t cause troubles with the subdivision surface
  • That way there are necessary flows to define edges to the form and their supporting edge loops (colored flows). Also flows to add more geometry to get more evenly sized faces or more square faces, if needed (green dots)

Then I modeled that to give the example, enabled subdivision surface modifier that had 0 level and set smooth shading to the whole object

Is it a good idea to begin circling around windows and eyes or, “holes” in our mesh; so as to have a better flow?
Btw. your model fits like a glove, no more fiddling is required. Even the edge density is perfect.