Topology Works

If i may ask, could you publish the model you animated? I would love to try out something on it

The flow is super interesting, im curious if im able to improve it so that it does not snap the way it does

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Well, I see, you are really interested.
Ok, take this sample)
Pearlworks_CP-140_loop by 1D_Inc.blend (779.5 KB)


I snagged that blend file, will look at in the morning, but wanted to ask: is it possible to see from the blend file how you are getting the evolution in the shape??? It seems cyclic, but :crazy_face:

Wow! Amazing!

I think that this file is pretty much self-representing.
I don’t know what I can add to it)

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Offset edges addon I used in this video


Probably the most satisfying way to model. Really nice.

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It seems I’ve got the way to explain that.
This cycle is the way I’ve tried to prove one of the laws I see in quad based topology - loop sections are not strictly defined along loop.
So I thought, that mathematically they can be modeled as separate frames, and animated like that.
I tried to make such a thing, modeled/tweaked every frame and after several attempts it worked.

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Hi mate! I’m your fan. I love your how you aimed on every content you’ve done. How did you do that animation behind the scenes? :slight_smile:
Btw: I still dont know your name? What is your name? :wink:
Edit: are you italian guy? :slight_smile:

This is crazy!

Thank you)
My name is Paul, and I am not italian, but we are working in classic architectural style, that refers to to the ancient period of Rome.

I like overall reaction on this video. I got picture like this:

It took a lot of effort, but it was definitely worth it.
Thanks to everyone for watching!


:slight_smile: hehe. Thanks Paul for quick answer! :wink:

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I used lion animation in my next video, so it can be viewed from the other side)

GIF test


Test result: 25 Mb limit on imageshack


These are wonderful. Technically brilliant and very artistic!
I love the style of animation.

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Well, okay then, that’s all that fits the limitation.


A tiny bit behind the scenes…


Is there a way to contact you? Was wondering if you sell your ornament models on etc as a package with discounted price?

I do not offer discounts, because the various stocks where I sell the same models provide significant random discounts by themselves. Also, some models can be obtained at blendswap for free.

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