Topology Works

nice… do you have a recording of the modeling process? Always something to learn just from watching you model objects haha

The results of a slope painting script:


5 - 100 Degrees (<5 - green color, >100 - red color, 5 … 100 - blue-yellow gradient)

5 - 100 Percents

5 - 100 Per milles (tiniest slopes detection)

Everything Red is evalueted as a mesh selection automatically.
A very nice precise slope analyser.

Also, slope fields test to visualize polygons slope directions

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Sure, in the topic there is a Topology Works video, which is on my YouTube channel filled with organic modeling timelapses.

A short loop subdividing and aligning modeling trick for my friend.

  • Pressing E during GG will start loop aligning. Pressing F will allow to change side.
  • Ctrl+2 generates edges ring selection from selected polygonal loop, suitable for edges subdivision.
    (at the cost of lost editmode mesh subdivison modifier control, of course, that’s why we wrote a special operator for this for previous versions of b3d as 1D_Scripts - Polyedge select tool)


Brilliant. Love what you’re doing here… the alignment of cuts to disparate edge loops is something I’ve wanted for a long time now. Keep up the good work!