Hi, umm, this is my first time modeling a head. I don’t eally understand topology. Can anyone help?
feel free to point out any issues.


You could take a look at a good human topology example model like this one:…2&page=1&pp=15

Download the .OBJ models at subdivion levels 1 and 2, and import them in Blender and try to reproduce that kind of topology in your own model.

A good modeling technique is to sculpt in high resolution and then use the retopo tool for making the final model. That way, you can first concentrate on modeling the volume of the object, and then, as a second step, you can take care about topology.

This helped me out a lot. When I converted my head to that kind of flow, I just deleted whole sections of the mesh and extruded and attached new polygons.
I had done a lot of heads with meshes like this one, but when I started matching my flow to the kind linked by jpbouza and read the thread I posted, it saved me a lot of time in the long run. Keeping mind of the loops from the start really helps save a lot of time, plus the flow allows you to change the shape of part (like the cheek) without worrying too much about having to also edit other parts (like the mouth) just make them match.

thanks guys. I’m gonna check some of this stuff out and rework the model.