TopoMapper: Copy attributes between any topologically equivalent meshes

TopoMapper lets you copy the vertex indexing, coordinates, groups or seams from one mesh to the other, as long as the meshes have the same topology. Very useful if something has screwed with the order of your vertexes. It only works where a mesh has faces however. You only need to show how 3 vertexes from one mesh correspond to 3 from the other. Wavez had the idea and asked me to implement it for his purposes, so here it is.

I’d also like to thank jesterKing for hosting it here

This works if you change the vertex order?
Very good,maybe now I can use Zbrush more easier
Thanks,I’ll test it

Yup :slight_smile: That’s what its designed for. Its not done yet though, so feel free to suggest any features you think it should have.

Well,you ask about feature request,I have one:eyebrowlift:
First,I know is difficoult,very difficoult,but as you are working in transfer properties tools,why don’t you try also to do something more general,without the constraint of same topology.For example uvs,you can compare the distance between vertices in world space to transfer uv on models similar in shape but different in topology.
Uv transfer for that shapes is really needed for me,think to do a general humanoid uv layout that can be trasferred and reused every time,we’ll be cool!
Sorry for bother you,and thanks for the work you have allready done,now I’m going to test it!

I am hoping this script will be packaged with the next blender release, it is a real life-saver of a script.