Tora The Game

Hello everyone,

First of all, we want to say a huge thanks to the Blender developers and the community (this forum, BlenderNation, BlendSwap, and many blogs around the web: blogs with tutorials and blogs with galleries that inspires everyone to keep pushing Blender). Without this strong community, this game woul never be possible, and we hope that now we can offer something this same community can enjoy and have fun.

After this thanks: we are proud to present Tora, our first game. After almost five months of development, we are making available the first version: Alpha 0. This version is like a prototype, to show the basic game concepts we have imagined. We think there is already a reasonable amount of things in the game so that people can play and have fun.

Tora is a game about survival in a rich and vast world.

Our ambitions for this game:

The player controls a character in a mix of open world, action, traditional RPG and strategy. There will be skill and reflexes based combat, and traditional RPGs elements, like interactions and relationships with NPCs (other in-game characters) including alliances, disputes and commerce. On the strategy side, the player can collect resources, build and modify the terrain. All of this in an open world environment, always with freedom to choose and to act.

Images are much better than words, so, enough talking:

Here is a first video, in it, Taimá (the other half of our brand new game studio) demonstrates the game:

You can play the demo in our website and also support early development.

We hope everyone have fun with it.