Torch Lighting

Ok, I have a nice flame for a torch I made, but I need a flickering light. Before I try using like 3 different lights and a million key frames, I was wondering: Are there are any options to make a light flicker or any blends I could learn from? Thank!

Just select a lamp (only need 1), open an IPO Editor, select Lamp from the menu, click Energy so it’s selected (white) and with Ctrl-LMB on the graph make a sinuous curve. Put the lamp inside the flame. The more jagged you make the curve the more it’ll flicker and the more points you create the more rapid the flickering.


In 2.5 you can add a noise modifier to the energy. Add a single keyframe to create the curve, then apply the modifer.

That sounds great, but I’m not seeing any lines under the lamp menu. I inserted a key frame (LRS) and I can see the lines on the object menu, but not on the lamp. Is there something else I need to do? Also, what is LMB? Is that a key or do I need to hold down those three keys? Thank you.

Never mind I figured it out! Thanks guys! :smiley: