torch [wip]

hi all, need help with this torch:

  1. i cannot apply the right force to make it realistic; tried with linv on z axis and a random actuator but it doesn’t seem the right way to do it
  2. when i import it with shift-f1 in another blend, the flame tends to… fly five meters high from the torch XD can you tell me why?
    2bis) to make it “importable” i group all three objs but when i import it i cannot edit them separately: how can i do it?
  3. need ideas to improve texturing (i cannot use glsl) and modeling (this is just a first attempt).

thank you all in advance.

my blend file:

edit: i’ve noticed that in the .blend file i linked there’s a problem: the flame seems to disappear two seconds after you hit “p”… try to change point of view. sh.t, another problem -.-

You could check this for inspiration, though it uses GLSL and might not be suitable for your needs:

thanx, i’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

in fact i really need to know how to import this torch in my dungeon. i’ve tried “shift-g” to group all objects but when i import it in my dungeon.blend file and start the game the flame tends to fly away… sad but true.

you need to make the flame a ghost. in the logic tab.

sorry, i’ve done it but the flame behaviour remains the same :smiley:

in the .blend i attached it does work, if i import in another .blend it flies away :smiley: