Hey i havent used blender in ages and im trying to get back into it so im starting with a simple project, modeling a hand held torch this is what i have so far

There is not much to crit on yet.
But the light effect image on your www site is very nice.

Planning on doing a flame aswell? That’s something I never can get to look right…

The tutorial on for a flame (candle) is great to have a good base on which you can improve your flame. Particles… The hardest Ithink would be the flame material with the halos.

What you have there I suppose is the top of the torch and the round thing in the middle is the top of the wood. Right?

Ha ha im sorry i have been misunderstood, its an electrical torch no flame.
This picture IS NOT RENDERD its a real photo

heres another update

this picture IS RENDERD

Here is a quick Materials test what do you think

i think im finished with this project im about to moe on to something more serious

a better project

Last render looks pretty good. The wood needs some work, it’s too shiney and I think the normal map value is set too high. Don’t see anything wrong with the flashlight/torch.