Torn Desire

Great materials, and rendering :slight_smile:

I like it verry much :slight_smile:

Ooh yes, is that lovely. The image conveys very apparently what its message is. Through this image you’ve communicated very literately. :slight_smile:

Great picture, and also great that you used the new node system. The developers are calling for new used features.
maybe this is what they meant?

maybe this is what they meant?

I saw broken’s post yesterday but I didn’t know if this was really what they needed…

But after all, why not… Maybe we’ll see it in the releaselog ? :wink:

Anyway, thanks again for all your comments, everybody
It encourages me for upcoming artworks :slight_smile:

this is a good picture!

What a beautifull modelling and rendering.
I really like the metal texture and the way you managed the DOF. The blood liquid is very well rendered, the red color may be a bit darker.

Great job

Wow this is really one of the best images I have seen. I love the concept! Its awesome! Great texturing modeling and compositing. Love the contrast between the silver and the red. Awesome. Thank you … looking forward to seeing more of your work!

everytime I see great works like this, there are 2 things that amazes me… first is the material, the other is the lighting… great detail… great work… what i liked the most is the way you placed the “falling/dropping” blood from the leaf… amazing indeed…

thats is just wicked - you the man ( or woman ? )

i have to say compliments, great piece of work, technic&concept are ok.
btw how long did it take to render???

lsscpp > according to the screenshot I linked in the initial thread, it took about 17 minutes to render, with a 3Ghz multithreaded P4 and 1Go ram. :·)

I haven’t posted in these parts in awhile… been getting back in Blending again… just wanted to comment on your piece, great feeling in this still…

Glad to see some use of the new nodes system… I wouldn’t change a thing with this piece… your composition on the background adds to the “metal” feeling of the rose… textures are perfect as is the lighting…

On a demented side note: it would be cool to add a finger holding the rose, actually having a thorn stick in the finger and the blood from the rose actually dripping on the finger… “adding to the feeling of the complete circle that no matter how bad the metal rose of love cuts into us, we will still hang on to love no matter how hard it hurts…”

*SysAdm takes another big gulp of his magical toxin and heads back to comment on other pieces…


Where can you get the new version of Blender? I checked the site and it’s still at 4. something.

Thanks, and your picture is incredible. If you increase the size to 1024x768 it could be desktop worthy!!!