Torn Rolling Paper? (Rigging Help Perhaps)

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to animate torn rolling paper like in the image below?



Here’s a rough crack at it…

After doing this I think the correct approach would be to use mesh animation… I’ll mess around and see if I can come up with a better approach.


RollingPaper.blend (221 KB)

Thanks for BLEND file. But that approach, while it looks good, makes for hard image mapping. At first, I thought, that would work, All I have to do is apply an alpha image map for the torn paper. Then as I looked at how you constructed the paper, it was made up of multiple cubes, which, more than likely would reveal some kind of mis alignment if I attempted to image map them. A single mesh plane or cube would be ideal.

It did get me thinking about a bones based solution. I have never rigged anything, however, so my attempt is not working as smoothly as your attempt.


ras_armature_paper.blend (165 KB)

I guess Alley Cat has a solution.

I dunno, but I personally hate it when I tear a rolling paper… :frowning: