I got an artistic meanstreek one day and decideded to make this cool image. It’s a modern art tornado. Took 3 hours to make, I haope u like it. Sorry about my english, I am French.
[!] 8)

Not bad. 8)

100% photoshop.

why? is bad? no?

nevermind… I’m sorry that I have replied.


i think the image would be fine if you cropped out some unnessary things

It’s trash like this that makes me not want to use this forum…


oh… for some reasons i actually like the part that seven cropped, very nice colors.
welcome back kansas_15! we havent missed you :stuck_out_tongue:


The sky is nothing more than a gradient…and the grass is a Standard Brush for photoshop… The “tornardo” is just one brush going round n’ round…

Seriously, this can’t have taken more than 10 minutes…

If it now really took 3 hours, then you have my apologize. :slight_smile:

Edit: And I guess this isn’t 3d… ay?

Sorry, but this Thread gives me a reason more not to like french pepole :-? . I really hope you don’t meant that picture serious!
I woulnt call it “Tornado”, i would call it “3 Brushes and a Gradient”.

why is this trash? you assume you are better than others?

That picture has got to be a joke, lol if it is, sorry if it aint.

in any case, this deserves a lock