hello everyone

i am an experienced blender user but i have been having trouble getting a 3d tornado to work in the game engine

i mean particles flying around a spinning tornado but also on the inside of the tornado

if anyone could help me getting this to work in game engine i would really appreciate it

Particles (as in F7 particle systems) don’t work in the GE.

You’ll probably have to fake it, maybe using an armature to control a high-poly cylinder with a moving texture.

then how do i get any particles in game engine

should i make a lot low poly pieces of debris then just link them to the tornado

so it wont lag and still look good

by the way i figured out how to make the tornado(modeled cylinder) spin and move directions without any animation or script .

Search particles.

I’d make a couple of meshes that use a bunch of low poly items, positioned as if they’re in a “still” tornado. Attach each overall mesh (which might be made up of 20 low poly items) to a bone and rotate to get it to spin. If you have one going one speed and another going faster/slower, I’d imagine you’d get a nice effect.

Maybe parent low poly objects to a spinning empty that is parented to the tornado. Several empties could be used with different rotation Ipo curves so although more than one object is parented to a single empty, not all objects are spinning at the same rate.

This might be an acceptable way to fake the vortex, depending on the results you want.

I think scaling the empty would move the objects towards the centre or further out and moving it along the vertical axis would make objects move up/down.

There is always the option of scripting a particle system, but the method above might work just using Ipo curves.

Edit: Just read a bit more thoroughly and this is quite similar to Blendiac’s suggestion. We seem to agree that ‘faking it’ would be better/easier than an actual particle system though. :wink:

You can simulate tornado physics with just a pinch of vector math.

I made an example, if anyone is interested. (attached)


tornado.blend (141 KB)

damn thats what i was talking about
just improve your design make look all sexi and it will be all good

You should try to improve the “design”; it’s good practice for a beginner.