Well, here’s my latest project. Comments? Critiques?

Hi Res:

Very good.
I am a bit uncertain about composition though… I think i wouldn’t have put the tornado right in the middle…

excellent job. It looks really realistic.

one critique is that the pieces that the tornado is throwing up in the air, maybe looks a little to big if you compare them to the trees. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses!

Gwenouille, I guess you’re probably right. I wasn’t quite sure where to put it…

phil2301, the tornado is supposed to be a ways off from even the trees, meaning that it’s relatively far away. Those black parts are pieces of houses :stuck_out_tongue: But it is kind of difficult to tell how far away it really is

Cool! One thing I would change is that the tornado just looks like cloud puffs. It’s not vortexy enough.

Nice, I haven’t seen you post a project in a while. Anyway, the tornado seems a little to puffy. They seem to usually have harder edges. Also, maybe a little but of twist in it might be nice.

Nope … I can tell you from experience (of about a month ago) … tornadoes can be (!!)ing big. :eek:

I am … still alive … and for that, I am grateful. There was a moment when I truly thought, “this is the moment, right here right now no time to think no time to pray, when I shall die.”

Yes, needs twisting up, more spirally.