Toronto area company looking for 3D generalist

Hi guys.

Kearns Technology is a small tech company based in Toronto, Ontario and we are looking to bring on another 3d generalist to assist in a long term project we are currently working on. This position is Full-Time, and will last for the duration of the project (looking at 2 – 4 years currently).

The ideal candidate will be energetic, dedicated, work well within a small team, as well as individually with minimum supervision, and is passionate about creating cool stuff!

The successful candidate should possess the following:

  •      Familiarity with Blender, Substance Designer and Unity, or a proven ability to learn them (number of years experience will provide an edge but WILL NOT be a determining factor - - we at Kearns Technology believe that attitude and aptitude are more important).
  •      Be capable of adhering to deadlines and possess strong organizational skills.
  •      Be capable of both receiving and giving constructive criticism, and contributing to the creative process.
  •      A strong willingness to learn and create.

The ideal candidate will find these things helpful to have:

  •      Knowing all aspects of the pipeline; Modeling, UV’s, animating, physics sims, texturing, and even some programming will be helpful skillsets to have.  We are a small dev team, and any day you may be called upon to hop into a new role.
  •      Toronto or area based.  We’d like to stay local, but if you can make a strong case for yourself outside of the GTA, consideration will be given.
  •      Awesome attitude.
  •      Being sick of the typical grind or office life, and want to work for a company that truly and honestly puts a life/work balance at the top of its priorities.

A short blurb about the project. We are currently developing training materials for one of Canada’s largest tradespersons union. What we are hiring for here is for someone to help develop a simulator for them to learn and test their students on (model’s are being made in Blender currently, and final deployment and interactivity are being done in Unity). The client has asked us for the “Call of Duty of this trade” and that’s what we are looking to deliver. Currently the team is small enough, and the project young enough that there is some flexibility in your role here. We can shift around to accommodate your strengths, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having at least some knowledge of the entire game dev pipeline.

Please send all portfolio’s, CV’s or inquiries to:
[email protected]

Thanks for your time, and happy Blending!