Toronto Users

Anyone from toronto care to make themselves known?!

Not really. Just kidding. :slight_smile:

I’m from T.O.


I’m not from Toronto, but if you want to make a blender meeting or something like this, I’m in Montreal, so that could be done maybe.


Yeah! I live in the Brampton area, which is just 20 minutes northwest of Toronto. :smiley:

good stuff guys…

jsut keepiong up to date on my locals?

anyone else?

In Cambridge. We should all get together some time for a few of our great Canadian brewskies :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m from Rochester, but with a fast ferry being set-up in the next few years, I’ll only be an hour away. I was in Toronto for a week for .NET training last month and I have to say that I love it there. I went running a few times and learned my way around the city and ate at some great restaurants (on the company, of course). Glad to know there are some Blender people in my corner of the world.