Torpedo tutorial

I’m trying to do a torpedo tutorial from The Blender Book
I am supposed to add a sequence of images to a plane, which I can’t do, and I can’t find the frames and offset (=400) adjustments the book is refering to. I’m using Blender 2.30.

Thanks for the help

/me pulls out blender 2.30 for his 1000th post…

adding a texture is pretty simple, either in the material buttons or in the texture buttons (with Mat chosen next to the priview) add a texture

choose image type (right of the layers thing in the texture buttons)

click the movie button
(above where the image is specified)

and appears the buttons you ask for… (a new tab “Crop and Anim”…)

(the other instructions probably still apply similarly. The blender book was written for blender 1.8, a lot of things have changed)

also, if you didn’t know the material and texure (radiosity, lamp, world…) buttons are under the shading buttons

I still can’t get it, I have pressed movie and made the adjustments there, but the pictures won’t show in the rendering.

I don’t know why, or how… but I got it to work just fine by unclicking the “movie” button… weird