For a while now, I have been wanting to make a game called Torque. The game would be similar to Gran Turismo. The current car, and vehicle setup, is as found on Clark Thames website, They are for test purposes only, just so that you can see a little of what I am looking for. The current .blend file only has a free run level. The finished game will be more of a racing game, rather than just driving a car around. Please respond if you would like to join, or even if you just have a comment.

Here is the .blend: Torque.blend.
The controls are: Up = Accelerate, Down = Brake, Left = Turn Left, Right = Turn Right, Left Control = Hand Brake, Shift + Up Arrow = Reverse, R = Restart scene, Escape = Menu.

I cannot get the car to move and it does not have tires when I start the game. Why is that?

I’m sorry. The current Python script for the car does not work in 2.5x, it only works properly in 2.49. I meant to clarify this.

The .blend has been updated with a better car, and a few other additions.