Torque3D: Looking for contributors

Torque-3D is a fully functional open source game engine, it was released under the non-restrictive MIT-license September 2012.
Since it is an open source project now it depends very much on volunteers and this is why I ask here if someone wants to contribute to the project. The Torque3D community alone is not big enough to provide all which would be needed to keep on at the moment, means there has not been many contributions related to art so far.

What we need now is a new default player model and a vehicle and as an example for people to learn from. We already have a player model, but it is a very FPS-specific futuristic soldier, same goes for the vehicle, so our goal is now to provide a more average and multi-purpose example that will also fit non FPS-games and to improve the blender toolchain, since many people use blender.
Ideally at the same time a tutorial could be created about the steps, so it will help others.

The tasks that are open at the moment are:

New Player model:

-gameready (poly budget maybe 15k)
-male and female
-default modern style
-handle weapons/items and nothing in hand
-oculus rift supported (allow for full body in first person, maybe missing head mesh)
-allow for head and neck modeling, for head movement with the rift

New Vehicle model:

-with full interior to allow first person driving

This may sound much, but every task can also be split up, means player concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, player weapons/items/clothing, same goes with vehicle.
Everything is better than nothing.

When something is done, tested and ready to use, we decided to use and/or for distribution, since our main repository is already very big in size, so we cannot add big art files.
It should be released under CC-BY 3.0 license, since this is similar to the MIT license and things need to be compatible, public domain is even better, this means the resulting work will not be limited to anything and everybody will be able to use it freely, so this may also be a chance to promote yourself, since many people will use your work.

We also set up a Trello-board so you can see visualy what tasks there are to do and what is already in progress.
You can comment there and we can add you to work in progress, if you like.

i can help u with weapons :smiley: