TorqueRig -Walking rag doll physics

I am making a rig, with the help of Kevin-cornigan

Have fun, enjoy, dissect, and change…

let me know what you do with it!!!
maintain documents
MIT 3.0 cc

[email protected]
Model = property/design of Akira_B

WSAD - move
Mouse = lean
left shift= duck
Space = jump
left click = left arm out
right click = right arm out

since last update
uses head + torso lean to balence
offset balence with hands
Feet are now “heavier”
physics are less “weightless”

EDIT: Rev 3 available now to download


physicsTest.blend (7.35 MB)physicsUpdate (3).blend (7.35 MB)

This is not really a game, so much as a resource… but it needs your help !


climbing, not as gracefull as when I am not holding a phone…

Now, lets see him skiing !!

Awesome! What if it avoided obstacles? You could make that into a great AI unit

The next Flat Stanley of blender?

enjoy :smiley:

Qwop Qwop!!


sk8.blend (4.56 MB)


Update Stairs :smiley:

Edit: Error

Update “Rig” in map

Rig needs integrated “Wrectified.blend” style pick up and move system,
Nodes are ready to throw around,


Update - added some differing physics,

Let me know what you think

Works with 2.66a (and later potentially)

Update - upped “Head lift” when foot is touching to 9.8*7

and upped “foot Z axis Torque up” significantly,

File :

Still only tested in 2.66a

Update, messed with balance, added custom camera rig :smiley:

Show me some screen caps, or phone video of it on your computers on 2.66a?
I want to see how it acts on single, quad, and 8 core PCs

(video update here soon)

Need to make all levels on 2 physics layers, and have the camera bounce off walls, :smiley:


TorqueAndForceSmooth(MITcc3.0) (V5.7).blend (7.33 MB)

Physics Test rig


physicsTest.blend (7.35 MB)

It’s actually pretty fun… if anyone wants to try it… and let me know…

Did you…

Get that thing…

I sent you…???


Download the file, try it, record it,

let me know…

1 view… (that was me)

Please get the file (I know it’s a little big) that just the packed textures


I like the theory of this, I will help as best I can to improve it. It really makes me think of a marionette, which make me think it needs some additional “strings” adding tension to keep his posture. Thank you for this amazing resource. I will definitely let you know if I make any significant progress

Youtube videos of tests or new features of anything anyone does would be nice,
I have been tinkering with cloning an ik rigs solutions using torque and forces, as another state.

Ok some details about the rig,

A set of rigid body joints and rigid bodies make up the rag doll, in the torso is what I call a logic for loop sequencer, this is triggered by a button press, and will not restart until the sequence is complete. Much of the logic is directed to when feet are touching ground, during which part of a sequence, and what keys are held at that frame.

Many pieces are linked to the sequencer using the property actuator and

Always …and…copy property “walk”

Pieces balance using python, and mouse force applications use python, as well as a stick force code for forcing feet to stay in a spot, or have a target that the foot gravitates to.

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