Torrent download links for Blender


Are somewhere .torrent links to download Blender? My internet connection has really tragicomic speeds(3-8 KB/s) and blender download(downloading anything in any browser on any operating system) fails after a while. This would really help me.

P.S. would be someone so kind to start seeding blender 2.59-Windows 32bit?
P.P.S. Yes, my ISP(T-Mobile) is a devil :mad:

If you are on linux you should try following in a terminal:
wget -c

The -c switch stays for continue, i have had a 10k connection last time and this command help me a lot.

Cheers, mib.

Switched from Windows to Ubuntu
It seems it works… thanks a lot, you made my day a lot easier… I think I will be using this a lot :slight_smile: