Torsion effect using Modifiers

Hi. I am using Modifier>Simple Deform>Twist to create Torsion in a profile.

It works almost perfect, but I would like to understand something its bothering me a bit.

The twist effect takes the origin of the profile as 0 influence and the end as 100 influence of the angle I am using. But when I check the animation it seems the the 0 influence takes a big chunk of my profile. So it does not look that its going from 100 to 0 progressively.

Imagine my profile is divided by 10. So it looks it flows from 100 influence to 0 from in the first 7 polygons and the last 3 are all 0…and its noticeable. The only way I can see the torsion occurs as I want is increasing the angle of the twist…but I would like to keep using the same degrees and having the effect going progressively from 100 influence to 0 influence divided perfectly in my 10 poligons.

Thank you

You obviously know more about your topic than I do, but let me ask, what Interpolation Mode did you use? I am not sure which would be better Constant or Linear.

Not sure if I follow. If you mean the F-Curves…I am not sure has to do with that. I believe the issue relays in the modifier. Also I am not sure if its an issue . Pritty sure it works how it should and maybe It has with the theoretical understanding…or the camera effect…lights. Thank you so much