Torso Sculpture - sculpt mode + nodes

hey fellahs,

this is a test of two new areas for me - sculpt mode and composite nodes. i am beginning to fall in love with both of these tools, and my new wacom tablet has helped immensely.

critiques on any aspect of the piece are welcome - i know the anatomy is definitely not right cuz i wasn’t using any references…and i’m sorry i didn’t do the head but i did heads all last summer so i just used a head similar to mathias pederson’s altruism piece. but it shouldn’t distract from the message of the piece.

the compositing was basically using the normal lighting method from a newer post on blendernation and then just an alpha over.


Good start! imho, the background is weird, and the ribs need to come around more to the front. I wish I had abs like that.

agreed. the ribcage isn’t my strong point…i need to learn anatomy more…even just basic anatomical structure. when i saw the “structure of man” post on blendernation i was like “all right! now i can learn it for free!” but then i saw that after the first section they’re only previews…:frowning:

thanks, tho. haha i’m working on the abs myself. :wink: o and the background really was just for the sake of a background…just the ol’ select random faces and give them a mirror effect…i shoulda worked on it more.

and i just posted it on my new blogger site -

he’s looking a little bit narrow, but that might just be the angle and perspective. Since its a male figure I would have the rigcage run more smoothly into the body. (the area right on the side of the body just a bit more towards the front than the love handles.)

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yea, thanks man. i guess the camera setup wasn’t too great either. i should just clean everything up a bit - go that extra yard to make it more professional looking.

Well, i love the background and disklike the shadows.
I don’t agree with “since it’s a male figure…”, i think it’s artistic, doesn’t have to be real anatomy involved.

what do you mean by the shadows? i’m not sure what part u are talking about…

and true; it is simply an artistic piece. tho if i did know correct anatomy, i would definitely try to make it correct…