TortoiseGIT, Windows, submittnig a patch and the public / private key

Hi folks,

Has anyone been able use TortoiseGIT to clone the main Blender branch using write access ( ie using [email protected]:blender.git rather than git:// ).

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Has anyone been able to submit a patch from Windows using TortoiseGIT?

If so, what process did you use to create the public / private key file pair? Did you use PuttyGen ( if so, what settings are compatible with the Blender developer account ), or did you generate the files from the Blender server ( if this is the case, where did you specify this file to be used by TortoiseGIT? )

Many thanks for any help - I’ve tried a few things, but can’t seem to get the git push to work due to these keys not being set up properly.

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The error I’m getting is "Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available ( server sent: publickey ).

I used PuttyGen to create an SSH2 RSA file, which the blender developer server allowed me to copy and paste the public key ( it’s the only key on my developer account ). When I tried a PuttyGen SSH1 RSA file, it didn’t allow me to cut and paste it, so I’m a step further than before.

The other info displayed is as follows…

git.exe clone --progress -v "[email protected]:blender.git" “C:\blender_code\blender”

Cloning into ‘C:\blender_code\blender’…

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights

and the repository exists.

is pageant.exe running and does it have your putty key loaded?

Hi CoDEmanX, yep - it’s running with the correct putty key etc.

One thing that’s easy to try is this - with TortoiseGIT, try to simply clone the main Blender branch using write access ( ie using [email protected]:blender.git ).

This should fail - the current instructions explain how to clone without write access, which is fairly straightforward, but this just delays the issue of write access with TortoiseGIT until the user wants to say push a commit.

I’ll update the first post with this simple task, as it is easy to try for existing devs who want to see if it’s an issue for them also.

For “blender” repo (read-only), I use:

URL: git://

For “blender-addons” (read/write), I use:

URL: [email protected]:blender-addons.git
Putty Key: C:\Users\CoDEmanX.ssh\puttygen.ppk

and if available, I tick “Autoload Putty Key” in dialogs.

pageant.exe should not be needed if you use TortoiseGIT (uses tortoiseplink.exe), but it’s required if you use the git command in cmd.