Torture Chamber

My latest work where I play with “invisible emission plane” and volumetric lighting to get the correct mood of this piece. Enjoy :).
Lot of Close ups and wip pictures you can find on my artstation page:

After feedback it turned to night time instead of “daytime”, so the final images looked like this:

That night time render looks amazing!

nice work, the people who lived back then had suffered alot in places like this, also it’s funny I don’t see any stocks in here I believe it’s was a costume to torture a prisoner feet lol

Thank you :)! Really glad you like it. It was really fun doing this piece even if I’m against all inhumanity.

Thx :). I had some other things as well outside the camera view. Could not fit them all in to one picture without it looked too crowded. Could be that I go back to the setup and do a couple of more renders… but for now I will let it rest a bit.

amazing work