Torum Knight wip (with modeling time lapse)

wip 01 head and torso of Torum Knight

modeling time lapse

wip 02 underside and legs of Torum Knight

modeling time lapse

wip 03 arms of Torum Knight

modeling time lapse

Wicked awesome stuff, hanzo!

Whoa! Hanzo, when you have the character finished, you can share it?


I’m bad at modelling, but I’m good with the game engine in general… D:

@ RandomElectron, thx

@ Midgardh, actually after I’m done I plan to post it for download :wink:

wip 04 UVW of Torum Knight

UVW unwrapping time lapse

Good job! I’m hard waiting to see the model textured!

@ midgardh thx man :smiley: here it goes

sculpting and textures baking of Torum Knight

sculpting and textures baking time lapse

wow this is so awesome! i just have to say that i learned a lot from it!!!
i ll definetely rewatch those videos again :smiley:
congratulations man u rocked on those videos !!!

I present :smiley:

I changed the diffuse maps a bit in this video

I love it! He looks way awesomer than I ever suspected! 10/10 from me!

ok now I’m done

Nice. I like the purple lighting and feel of him - he also looks low-poly, but pretty detailed. You should give him a weapon. :slight_smile:

i prefer the older version better =/ but it still looks kool :smiley:

nice model! :wink: and i like the CEL-SHADED graphics … next progress will be too in this style?

Awesome hanzo, really awesome, its very cool to see members help each other like you just did, this tutorials are very well explained and the result is great! Lovelly !!!

nice style to texturize

thank you guys so much for your support and comments, I’ll be making another similar project to this soon hopefully keep an eye out :wink:

WOW! that is nice man!