Torus scaling problem - how do I----?

I’m trying to design a reactor core and am using the torus mesh as the base, well, I copied and want to reduce it’s size to fit in the base torus but I’m finding that scaling it is causing it to just pass through the other torus mesh. I’m certain I’m doing SOMETHING wrong…

I thought about using the transform menu to lock a few things but that doesn’t seem to work…


If I understand your question correctly. Select all your vertices in Edit Mode
then goto Mesh/Scripts/Solidify Selection. Hit OK to accept the deaults.
This should create a torus within a torus.

Hope this helps?

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Try Alt+S in Edit Mode to shrink along the normals. Be sure to recalculate your normals beforehand, they can ruin everything here (obviously).

Thanks Pixeltwist, that worked.

And thanks Zwebbie, while that didn’t work it was something that might help me in the future. Appriciate the help you two :slight_smile: