total newb has a few questions on blender

as you can see from the topic title i am completly new to blender and the idea of 3d animation. my first question is how in the !@#$ do you create anything. i mean i knew this would be hard but not this hard. second how do you paint an object because i tryed useing the UVpianter thingy but it alwase paints one color and the whole cube. and lastly how do you create a movie.

First, don’t expect to make your first ToyStory movie this weekend. Learning 3D takes time, effort and dedication.

Second, maybe with the help of these Classroom tutorials you’ll be able to make a little scene/movie next weekend :

Another great source is ofcourse the Blender User Guide:
The Gingerbreadman tutorial is a good startpoint.

Tutorials (not all up-to-date) :

Using Blender:

If you still have questions, please post them here at ElYsiun.

thanks man im glad to know that there are people like you out there (sniff sniff). no serously thanks a lot and anything else you can do to help a noob would be greatly appreciated

I am new to blender and loving it.

I am trying to edit an existing blender file to add text and size to fit withina paticular space in the existing file.

I have managed to add the text but it is way to big for the space. Can somebody please help me. I wish i could attach the file for you to see…can we do attachments here.