Total newbie, needs help on making a block shatter when dropped

Hello all,

My name is Gnorm and I’m looking for some help. I got into blender because I heard it is a great tool for creating wonderful intros for youtube videos (feel free to roll your eyes).

Anyway, as a practice I was following a youtube tutorial on some basic intro stuff, but have run into a problem.

The person doing the tutorial creates a block that when upon hitting the ground it shatters. I believe I have followed the steps he laid out, however I find that when I try to use it, the block just shatters instantly in the air first, looking at the comments on the video I’m not the only person having this issue.

I was wondering if you could possibly tell me what steps I might be missing, and/or any steps which need to be added. I am using the newest beta release of blender as well.

I’ll link the video so you can see what I mean.

Thank you in advance,


The fracture tool is most likely making the gap between each piece (0.001) smaller than the collision bounds margin set by default in the game physics settings (0.040). You would have to make the gap bigger or the collision bounds settings smaller for all the objects

That is really an old tutorial and instead of using the game engine just use the Rigid Body physics and you won’t get the problem. Set each piece to an active rigid body and press Alt+A to play back the simulation (no need to go to the game engine)

Well a new problem has occured now of the cube falling through the floor, even though I have a plane set there

Is the plane set as a Passive Rigid Body object?