Total Newbie Problem

man, i’m not getting something… i put a mesh plane down. then scaled it by 100. then imported a civil topographic from an autocad dxf. that i’m working on. now i can’t see the mesh. all i want to do is make a landscape mesh that matches the topo and either bring it into autocad or build the 3d building model here. which ever is the most strait forward.

so here’s how it is.

got the dxf imported. i can see it… by the way… anyone whos going to follow in my footsteps… remember to delete the points prior to creating the dxf.

can’t see the mesh.

is there a way to just draw a square that surrounds the site of interest and make it a mesh then subdivide.

thanks in advance

EDIT MODE: (TAB KEY) In point select mode ctl LMB will make a point. Done in sequence will make a series of edges. You can leave it open at the end rather than try and connect it. Then just select two opposite edges and hit f to make a face.

But of course you can just add a plane, go into edit mode (tab) and size it up.

Either way then you can use w subdivide (edit mode) or the button equivilant to subdivide it.

Maybe your problem was not being in edit mode. Hit the Tab key.