Total newbie question on selection logic

I’m a complete and total newbie and learning Blender with Neil Hirsig’s fabulous series of tutorials on Vimeo.
I have a question about selection “logic”.

Learning selection methods, I would have felt it more logical if rightclick would add to the existing selection (instead of replacing it), just like B, C and lasso selections which are also “additive” in “normal” mode (meaning: when used without modifier keys while clicking, selected objects/vertices/… are added to the existing selection).

Is this just a historical thing and indeed somewhat illogical to most beginners, or am I missing the logic here?

Which key or what click combination would you propose to get out of such ever increasing selection mode?
Is what you describe a common selection method (not counting RIGHTCLICK this time)?
I would rather not to loose my selection by miss-clicking on some vertex btw, so no click on empty space offer, please.

I would propose: each rightclick adds to the selection; each shift+rightclick subtracts from selection. Functionalities, workflow and Blender experience remain exactly the same, only interchange what rightclick and shift+rightclick do.

The only difference would be that all selection methods (rightclick, B, C and lasso) would function in the same way: “additive” without modifier key, “subtractive”/toggle with modifier key.

You can change it in input editor in user preferences. In 3D View -> Global find the Activate/Select bindings, expand the ones bound to Select Mouse and Shift Select Mouse. Enable the “Extend” option in Select Mouse binding, enable “Deselect” in Shift Select Mouse. However, if you want to keep it consistent, you’d have to sift through other selection operators as well (e.g. in 3D View -> Mesh for loop select, etc.).

Great to know Stan, thanks.

Just wondering, am I the only one who finds this default behavior strange? Probably all the hardened Blender users just got into the habit, right?

Same “illogical” detail BTW in C select. In Object mode an object has to be >50% inside the circle to be selected, in edit mode just partially in it is enough. Or for instance “redo” which is, in about every program I know, Ctrl-Y, and in Blender Ctrl-Shift-Z.
It’s not a big deal at all, and I’m not complaining, I find Blender simply fabulous and who am I to criticize, but it does make the learning curve just that tiny bit steeper… And it’s already somewhat steep :slight_smile:

Would it be worth it contacting devs about this and sharing my newbie observations with them?

Well, if i select text here on forum page using mouse only my selection changes; if i press Shift selection increases from the previous to current position, Ctrl allows selections to be separated. Selections in text editing is where everyone has started (no? has the World changed significantly?) and Shift as a key i would have to press to subtract from the selection would confuse me more than Ctrl and Shift behavior in Blender; 3d can be more demanding to the ways selections are done.

So, what was the question again? Logic? I’d say reflexes rather, habits if you will…

I was rather thinking of consistency within Blender. As it is now, rightclick selection without modifier key is “exclusive”, and with modifier key is “additive”; while B, C and lasso selections are additive by default (without modifier key). It’s somewhat inconsistent at first view… Which doesn’t prevent it from becoming a habit, it’s not a big problem… Just a newbie observation…

From that prospective, B,C… You probably are right, (i’m still sure it’s habits) i’d expect Shift-B to add to the selection… However box mode resets after LMB is released and i’d need to hit B again or keep pushing B. If i had to push Shift and B i doubt this would be comfortable to do. Just for a consistency? Tbh, Shift-B and Alt-B confuse me even now after years of using Blender sometimes :D.

C and lasso… C is like painting mode so this is more like a specific way, brush and eraser, imho. I wouldn’t ask for a consistency with other modes on this right now knowing that it still lacks interactive way to change model’s position- think of a way to get key consistency of selection AND manipulation…(Surprise, surprise - Shift deselects here; i was using MMB all the time without even knowing this anomaly :D)
Lasso is called by Ctrl key and LMB, well, it could be Shift key which at first sight seems to be free; MMB in combination with either Shift or Ctrl is taken so likely no way to make deselect using MMB. Here Ctrl is not a modifier key - it calls lasso mode and i could say that Shift to deselect is not consistent with what i am used to use this key for. Would it be easier to newcomers or more ergonomic to push Shift instead of Ctrl to call lasso select mode (if this could be done programmatically in a first place)?
And last, this was about mouse and kbd; there is pen and tablet with some specifics to be considered too.
To sum up - not quite saying i’m against re-learning stuff, however i would not be happy to use Shift to deselect things even if that would make Blender consistent ;).

Changing the way B, C and lasso works seem difficult indeed (and maybe unnecessary?), that’s why I thought of just making RMB “additive”, consistent with all the rest. So each time you select something using RMB, it would be added to the selection. Shift-RMB would then deselect… All the rest could remain the same, and as a whole everything would be more consistent (internally, within Blender).
But as Stan pointed out above, nothing prevents me from changing this myself in user settings. (Apart from the fact that I try to avoid tweaking user preferences too much in any program, when in front of another computer or after a fresh install, it’s too disorienting).