Total newbie question...

How can I select more than one point at a time? I’m trying to model a skirt out of a tube is there anyway I can select more than one point at a time? Like just the top ring of points? Are there any good tuts for making clothes? Also how do I use boolean to take away part of something? How do I select two shapes so I can use boolean?

For selecting:
You can use box select (B key) and draw a box around the vertices you want selected. You could also select one, then hold shift to select another (and repeat for however many you need). You could also use the selection tool that I don’t know the name of (B key twice).

Thank You! :smiley:

  1. RMB (right mouse button) with Shft to select 2 or more of anything.
    2a) With two Meshes selected in Object Mode W shows the Boolean menu.


Press ‘O’ to activate proportional editing. Mousewheel or +/- will scale the radius that affects the vertices. This will be helpful for clothes.