Total Newbie - Quick Question

Hello All,
I am still VERY new to blender and 3D modeling in general, so please forgive what is probably a very simple thing. I think I am 90% there and just confused.

I am trying to model a lite-brite peg. I made the top of the peg by starting with the initial cube, and then extruding it a few times. I added the “subsurf” modifier to round it out a bit, and then clicked “smooth” which left me with a pill shaped object. So far so good.

Now I need to flatten out just the bottom of the “pill” as if I had taken a knife and cut the pill in half width-wise. I selected the endmost vertices and pressed the XKEY which effectively cutoff the end of the pill, exactly what I wanted.

Ok, here is where I get lost. Cutting off the end of the object left me with a “hole” - that is, I can look and see that the “pill” is hollow. I don’t want that, I want a flat face on the end of the pill. So I highlighted the vertices around the end and pressed FKEY which added a face. But the face isn’t flat, it is rounded like the rest of the pill.

How do I make a flat face on the end of the pill?

select those last verts that you just re-faced, and hit shift-E for edge crease. Drag the mouse away from the center of the verts.

It’s rounded because of the subsurf. You can tighten up those edges with a crease, Shft-E, or by cutting 2 extra edgeloops around the face you added. See the Chess-Rock thread and note how all the corners have 3 edgeloops close together on all sharp corners.


Also, learn to spin everything that look like it can be made on a lathe or a potters wheel.

Have fun


Thanks everyone, that was a HUGE help - Jean, that tutorial on spinning was especially helpful, and solved the problem altogether.