Total newbie - Trouble UV Mapping Simple Box


I’ve only been using blender just a couple of days and I’m positive I’m doing something that’s really simple completely wrong but I’ve been following tutorials and I can’t seem to find what I am doing wrong here!

I am trying to UV Map a scaled up cube, basically just a taller version than the preset starting cube. I want to map the object to be able to place packaging labels to it something similar to what is done in this video:

I select all the edges, mark them into seams, select all, unwrap and then in the UV/Image Editor the map is completely crazy - Weird shapes and loads of edge lines

Can anyone work out what I’m doing wrong?


According to the header at the top of the blender interface your ‘cube’ has 48 vertices, 92 edges and 46 faces !!
You’ve duplicated the mesh or extruded unsuccessfully to get that many vertices. Just delete it, add a new cube and be careful at what you are doing.

Also if you scale your cube in object mode you will need to apply that scale (Ctrl+N) before you then unwrap the object

yes … blender interface still hard to new users.
well u can do this:
select cube

  • edit mode
    in tools
    go to : remove.
    then: remove doubles.
    And now u have a clear model …
    2 way is use the “mark seam”… u can find some tutos in “you-tube”. (tutorial in link).

when u use this technique u can have a clean “uv image”.

That “select all the edges” seems problematic to me: I’m not sure why you’d want to make every edge a seam. Boxes are typically unwrapped by marking seams on three edges of opposing faces, and on one edge connecting these two seams (doesn’t really matter which edge is selected for the connector).

That should give you an unwrap looking something like this.

Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale to apply scale. That transfers object scale to the mesh and reset the scale back to 1,1,1. Nothing should happen visually but if your unwrap comes out square shaped instead of ones with long rectangles, that’s probably why. Blender warns about non-uniform scale but it’s easy to miss the warning.

Thanks so much for everyone’s help I got it! I don’t fully understand it yet or how I ended up with so many faces (!!!) but at least I’ve got it working!

Just press “E” several times in same face and u got “many faces” … :eyebrowlift2:.
Happy blend.