Total Noob I Can't Even Use the Tutorials...

I am trying to learn how to do some basic modeling, but in the tutorials that I have looked at, they must have a diferent setting applied or a diferent version than I do. Because when I try to select a face or anything else, my mouse just draws a squiggly grey line wherev er I drag it…I need to know how I can select stuff…

And one mroe thing, I need to know how to add another shape, like say I have a sphere, what if I want to make another shape, other than duplicating it how can I do this?

Start with this manual instead of specific tutorials: Blender Basics.

Selecting is done with the right mouse button, or if you have a Mac mouse use Option-click. Hit the space bar to see how to add objects. Pay attention to whether you’re in Edit or Object mode when you do this.

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As a note - if you are like me, I couldn’t stand the default selecting with the RMB. You can change this in the user preferences window.