total noob - need help squaring off the corner of a building mesh

What it says. I’ve been trying to square off a “destroyed” corner on a building for a game mesh, and despite everyone’s assurances that blender is “relatively” easy, I cannot figure out how. I can stretch it into all kinds of weird shapes when I’m lucky, but…I would greatly appreciate some help and some pity. Not necessarily in that order.

I think it’s one of those things that would be easy for someone who knew what they were doing…I am not one of those people.


Did you check out some of the starting tutorials that are around? Like over at Blender Cookie. Blender is easy to manage, if you put your mind to it. I experienced however that the learning curve varies greatly.

Unless you post pictures and/or the blend file, people are unlikely to help you with just that description.

As @hotzst says, check out for startup tutorials, put sufficient time , lets say 2 to 3 hours a day in blender, and within a week, you’ll grasp the basic concept of 3d modeling and blender3d User interface.
And yes, i am one of the guy , who claims blender3d as the easiest 3d modeling software. like every other tool, you just need to read the manual :slight_smile:
Anyway, put up your blend file or pictures , so that we can help a blenderian in need :slight_smile:

Sorry to take so long getting this done. But here are a couple of screencaps of the mesh in question:

If anything else will help, please tell me. I have read instructions and worked through tutorials and tried to follow them but I don’t think my brain is made for this. :confused: I guess I need it explained to me in very, very small words.

Your image looks ok. What’s the problem? Be more specific.

The hole in the corner of the building? I want that gone. I want to just square off that jagged hole. Make the building undamaged. :slight_smile:

This is a complex mesh. And there are many approaches you can take. It is not easy for us to judge what is the best way for you. Here are few ideas:

Just erase Column “A” and mirror, cyan line, copy it from Column “B”.
Erase Column A all the way to base edge, orange line, and then extrude it up.
Extend roof edge vertices to where it meets and join it; red line.

minxen, it’s important to remember that there are (usually) different ways to accomplish the same goal and often the only ‘right’ way is what works for you and the project. It appears that with your model you could use combinations of copy; mirror; extrude; build new faces; and probably more I forgot or aren’t familiar with. Also your model looks a little too complex for just a simple square building, which could just lead to un-neccessary challenges later??

Thank you both!

I’ve suspected that the building isn’t built “on the square” but rather with forced perspective; one of the problems I was having was that, when I could manage to stretch out one of the surfaces, they didn’t seem to run parallel to each other. And I’m sure I’m in over my head with the complexity of the building. But fixing this hole has been bugging me for a long time, so I’m not ready to give up. Thanks for the advice, both of you!

It’s a little hard to judge from those screenshots, but it looks to me like it would be a lot easier to recreate the building from scratch (resulting in a much cleaner mesh, too) than trying to “repair” the existing one.

Looks to me like it would be far easier to just re-create the entire building from scratch. Trying to fix that mess is going to take longer, and if it’s not “on the square” to begin with, your troubles are just going to be multiplied.

Yikes-- really? It’s be easier to remake the building even if I don’t know what I’m doing yet? Maybe this is a bigger project than I need to commit to. :eek:

I agree, it would be much easier to redo the building from scratch.

Start with the bottom of the building, make its shape

Then just extrude up

You have the base
Now from there, just work on modelling what’s left always with extruding and scaling, etc…

You should obtain your desired result a lot quicker than trying to remove that hole.

i would agree with them also if you actuly want to use blender i would upgrade to 2.63 instead of 2.49 you would have a much easer time trying to learn the program

Thank you everyone for all the input!

(Is there a way to work with .nifs in 2.63? I looked for an updated script, but couldn’t find one.)

I don’t know if the nif tools are updated to 2.63 or as complete as the 2.49b version of them.

But what you can do is model/texture your objects in 2.63 if you need some of the tools that are specific to it, then click on File -> Save As and enable “Mesh Legacy Format”.

This will make the saved .blend compatible with 2.49b, so you will be able to load it in 2.49b to use the nif tools in it.
Now, if you have no need of the 2.63 specific tools, there’s no real need to move to 2.63 if your goal is to import/export .nif files.

Ah, cool! If it’s easier to learn the newer version, I may look into doing this, then. Thank you. :slight_smile: